Lady Di will forever be known as ‘The People’s Princess’ and definitely what we now refer to as a fashion influencer. Her outfit choices over the years brought her closer to the people, you could say, allowing them to relate to Her Royal Highness. Over the years, she’s had a number of iconic looks, but here we take a look at eight of her most famous ones.

Engagement announcement

Diana wore a simple blue suit and tied-neck blouse when she and Prince Charles announced their engagement. Years later, when her son, Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton, many compared the similarities between Diana’s and Kate’s outfits.

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David & Elizabeth Emanuel wedding gown

Of course, one cannot talk about Diana’s fashion without the mention of her David and Elizabeth Emanuel wedding dress. The dress had puffy sleeves and was adorned with lace ruffles. Not to mention her iconic 25-foot train.

One-shoulder blue Bruce Oldfield dress

Lady Di reportedly made headlines with this one-shoulder blue dress designed by Bruce Oldfield. While a bold choice which she totally rocked, it was quite the different style to what the population was used to seeing royal members wearing.

Dynasty Di

This particular dress earned her the nickname ‘Dynasty Di.’ Also designed by Bruce Oldfield, it was quite the dazzler and perfect for 1985.

May 1988

As much as she’s stunned in gorgeous gowns at official events, she was possibly the royal trailblazer when it came to a more casual look. She’s known to have rocked a pair of jeans and a tee in her time.

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THAT 1994 little black dress

This dress puts all other little black dresses to shame and will probably forever be remembered as the most iconic ensemble – and for more reasons than one. Reportedly, she wore at the same time that a documentary about Prince Charles’ infidelity during their marriage was to be aired. This way, she ensured that headlines would be all about her stunning look rather than her husband’s infidelity.

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Sporty casual

Again, a totally relatable look Diana donned more than once was her biker shorts and sweater combo. If only she knew what a major hit this look is nowadays.

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The Elvis Dress

And finally, the dress that was dubbed as ‘The Elvis Dress’ for many reasons by youth at the time. She wore this in November 1989.

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