Local singer Pamela Bezzina's parents are today celebrating 48 years since they said 'I do' to each other, a phrase which their daughter says: "...sealed a beautiful love story that bloomed into the blessed family we are today!"

Taking to Facebook to share a couple of beautiful shots celebrating her parents' special day, Pamela expressed great gratitude towards them both: "Not everyone had the opportunity to experience unconditional love and support from their parents; my sister and I did nothing to deserve the best parents in the world and for this we are extremely grateful!"

"Thanks to that day, 24.06.72, we are who we are, we love the way we love, we value life the way we do, we are the women we are today!"

Concluding her post with a sweet message, Pamela wrote: "Mum and Dad, I love you with all of me - and I am here to wish you many more years of good health, happiness, beautiful moments with your dear ones, and most of all more LOVE!"

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Bezzina!

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