Local presenter, actor and comedian, Rodney Gauci has just announced that he will be getting married to love of his, Alexia Camilleri in 90 days!

“Here’s to us Alexia Camilleri, 90 days to the big day”, Rodney captioned a photo of his fiancée.

“Can’t wait to celebrate us and call YOU, who’s been with me through thick and thin, my wife, and I your husband!”, he continued.

This means that the Rodney and Alexia will be having a magical Christmas wedding as they celebrate their big day on the 13th December of 2023.

The two have been together since January of 2013 and celebrated their 10-year anniversary earlier this year. They have been engaged since 2017 but they are now finally having their dream wedding this year.

Main Images: Facebook/Rodney Gauci

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