The big day is over, and you’re left with many happy memories and a stunning dress which you will never wear again! What to do? Here are some tips of how to ensure your bridal gown has a long life after you’ve said ‘I do’.

1. Sell it

You’ve probably spent well over €600 on your bridal dress – and that’s quite a substantial amount! Recoup your costs (and go on a weekend break with your new hubby) by selling it to a less fortunate bride, who might not have the money to splurge on a brand-new gown.

2. Donate it

Or, alternatively, if you’re REALLY feeling generous, how about donating it? There are so many brides-to-be who’d be dreaming of a stunning dress for their big day. You’d make another woman very happy indeed!

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3. Keep part of it for a future Christening

So, you’re sure you want kids. And, if you’re also sure you’re going to baptise them in the Catholic faith (as many on the island do), ask a talented dressmaker to make a Christening gown for your future nipper.

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4. Make a Holy Communion dress

And, if you still have some material left over – which you most probably will – ask that talented seamstress to rework it into a Holy Communion dress, for a friend’s daughter or a niece of yours. You can even store the fabric and wait to see if you have a daughter of your own.

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5. Transform it into home décor

There’s nothing like displaying wonderful memories in your home. And, your bridal gown is imbued with the fantastic tones of the day you shared with your new spouse, as well as your family and friends. Make cushion covers, a tablecloth or even a bedspread out of it – you don’t want it going to waste after all!

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6. Dye it and make a cocktail dress

But if you’re dyeing (get it?) to wear the gown again, why not have it professionally coloured and cut so you can don it at your next cocktail do? You’ll wow your friends – who might not even recognise it as the one and the same!

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7. Create a work of art

A new trend abroad, transforming your bridal gown into a work of art would require a bit of research to check what sort of piece you want to end up with. You can decide to simply frame a part of it or use it within a collage. Get an expert opinion to make your dress live again.

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