Your better half (now fiancé!) has just proposed, and you’re absolutely bursting at the seams to tell everyone about it, but before you get snap happy, there are a couple of basic things to keep in mind. Here’s how to spread the word.

1. In person

First off, you need to tell your nearest and dearest the happy news, and the best way to do it is in person. If you’re far away (in another country far away), get on FaceTime and share your excitement with your loved ones – here’s a spoiler, they’ll want to know all the deets!

2. Social Media

Once the people closest to you know, it’s safe to post your engagement news on social media. Be it on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, take to your favourite platform to show off that sparkler – just make sure you get it in the best light!

3. Video

Some forward-thinking guys have gone so far as to hire a videographer (or hide a sneaky camera) to subtly catch the proposal on camera (yeah, we don’t know any either), but if you’re one of the lucky ones, you can share the emotional video too, either via email or social media.

4. Party!

Any excuse to party, right? While not everyone throws them, engagement parties are definitely a thing, and they double up as a fun way to share your news with the people that may not have heard (say, if they’re not active on social media).

5. Old-school

Back in the days before Facebook and Instagram, people shared their happy news the old-fashioned way: by getting it published in the local paper. This option is still very much available, and is preferred among those who like to do things old-school.

Congratulations, love birds!

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