1. Include family

You and your sister may have different lives now – and you may have argued like cat and dog when you were younger – but weddings are principally a family occasion, especially on this little island. Ask her to be your maid of honour, if you’re close, or make it more democratic and ask some of your girls to share the honour (and the responsibilities) to truly make your big day an occasion to remember. And, if your sister now has a family of her own, you might want to ask if your nephews and nieces will also help accompany you up the aisle.

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2. Don’t make your bridal party TOO large for your wedding

Or else you will not be able to savour this special time with those women who mean so much to you. Your wedding can be overwhelming, so you don’t want too many competing for your attention. While the big day is undoubtedly the occasion to celebrate the love between you and your future spouse, this will also be a special moment for those female friends who have been close to you through the years, so try also turning your focus to their experience of this day you will be sharing.

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3. Choose those who will help!

The months and weeks leading up to your wedding will be filled with errands and commitments which might feel insurmountable. Think about those stressful periods and select the members of your bridal party based on their willingness to help. After all, that’s part and parcel of the honour which is being bestowed upon them! Opt for the friend who picks you up when your car is being repaired (or when you’re feeling down); or the female relative who goes out of their way, whenever you need anything. If you have these gals in your life – and on your wedding day – you’re really in need of nothing more.

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4. It’s not a quid pro quo

In other words, don’t ask someone simply because they had once asked you. This is not a favour you return. The spots are limited – usually – and you need to prioritise your needs, and those of your partner, leading up to the big day. You may have been asked to accompany a friend up the aisle at one point, but don’t feel obliged to ask them back, especially if a lot of time has passed and you’re no longer close. Instead, opt for those who mean something to you today!

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5. You don’t need to have kids running up the aisle

While children can be cute, especially in wedding snaps, they can also be a bit tricky to handle and might require some practice walking up the aisle in an orderly, calm fashion. And, if you don’t have kids in your family you are close to, don’t feel compelled to ask the nearest relative who does have a couple, if you can borrow theirs for the day. They’re not a pair of shoes. At the end of the day, your spouse will only be looking at one person walking as those church doors open.

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