Owning a vintage piece of jewellery is precious, all the more so if it’s given to you in the form of an engagement ring by your significant other. But before you begin dropping hints about how much you love old pieces, know your history. Here are some gorgeous engagement rings from different eras throughout time.

Georgian beauty

Jewellery created during the Georgian era (1714-1837) is considered to be among the most feminine, featuring natural, floral and ancient Greco-Roman motifs. This handmade stunner, circa 1820, includes sixteen antique cut diamonds which form a wreath around a one carat rose-cut gem.

Victorian decadence

Spanning from 1837 to 1901 under the rule of Queen Victoria, pieces from this era are rather ornate and usually feature cluster settings, as well as large stones surrounded by a halo of diamonds, the total opposite of modern-day solitaire engagement rings. This Victorian era ring, circa 1880, features an approximately two-carat natural emerald surrounded by 18 single cut diamonds in a classic Victorian cluster.

Edwardian elegance

Between 1901 and 1920, during the reign of Edward VII, platinum surpassed gold as the metal of choice for jewellery, which is harder and stronger than gold, able to withstand detailed engravings. This vintage Tiffany & Co. ring, circa 1910, has a 2.04 carat centre with single diamonds throughout the setting and delicate open metalwork on the band.

Art Deco artistry

Between 1920 and 1938, after the gloom of WWI, the Art Deco period brought with it a completely new style of jewellery. Ornate engravings and clusters were replaced with emerald cuts, diamond baguettes and geometric designs that are becoming increasingly popular today, and are a perfect choice for those who love symmetry and straight lines.

Retro boldness

Retro-era rings, from 1935 to 1948, are bold and daring, typical of Hollywood’s golden age. This beautiful moonstone and diamond ring is a perfect embodiment of this age – the moonstone at the centre has a striking pale blue colour, framed by accent diamonds on both sides and a gold mounting with cathedral-style shoulders.

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