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6th March 2018


10 lingerie ideas for your first night together as newlyweds

Get it on!

You’ve spent years daydreaming about your wedding dress, but what about what’s worn beneath? Stun your new hubby with our handy tips on how to pick the best lingerie for your wedding night!

1. Choose something fit for a queen

‘Cos that’s what you are! Don’t shy away from corsetry or anything flamboyant – you’ve gone all out for your wedding dress, why not do the same for your lingerie?

2. Consider your body shape

We don’t all have a size 8 figure – and neither would we want to! Flatter your curves by choosing something in the right size – something which says, ‘baby come closer!’

3. Go kinky

So, you wore white all day – it doesn’t mean you have to keep playing innocent when the sun goes down…

4. Mix naughty with nice

If you love anything sweet, pretty and feminine, there’s no need to shy away from a lingerie style which reflects those aspects of your personality your husband fell in love with in the first place.

5. Take a spare

A word of advice: don’t wear your best set during the day. You will want to freshen up into something more suitable once you’re back at your hotel.

6. Try a boudoir gown

For vintage glamour, drape yourself in billowing silk chiffon at night with a boudoir gown. They may have reached the height of their popularity in the Victorian era, but why not inject some classic style into a classic evening?

7. Go nude

Colour, that is. Though, you could always present yourself in your birthday suit…

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8. Choose a bright colour

There are no rules which say you have to wear white even in the bedroom. A red set screams to be taken off – slowly, savouring the moments.

9. Consider the option of an all-in-one

While bodies were extremely popular in the ‘90s (‘Saved by the Bell’ anyone?), an all-in-one on your wedding night can make you look sexier than Yasmine Bleeth.

10. The devil’s in the details

Choose a set with fun little details to make you feel extra confident. Beautiful touches like a silk bow, a touch of lace or a flirty cut-out could give your wedding night lingerie that little extra je ne sais quoi.

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