Chic Chandeliers

Nothing makes a stronger statement than a long pair of earrings which frames your face and brushes your cheek as you sashay down the aisle.

Dashing clusters

Why have one gorgeous crystal when you can have more… on each ear! Cluster earrings are a great compromise between long earrings and studs, and come in some seriously stunning shapes and arrangements.

All that glitters is…

You guessed it, gold! You can’t get much better than that stunning shimmer which only gold tones provide. It’s a bold choice for wedding jewellery, but also so regal.

Drip drop

Drop earrings are an infallibly elegant choice – be they in the form of a hanging crystal, coloured gemstone or pearl, they’ll suit all bridal styles and are timelessly classic.

Keep it simple

If your bridal ensemble has lots going on, keep your jewellery simple, and a dainty pair of studs are a great option, be they round, square, tear drop or oval.

Cool climbers

If you’re a modern bride who’s not scared to experiment with unusual looks on her wedding day, then climber earrings, which have been all the rage recently, are a perfect choice and certainly an attention-stealer.

Pearls for days

Another classic choice with no room for error is pearls. Whether in the form of a single stud, a drop-shaped hanging pearl or accompanied by some serious shine and shimmer in a cluster, the world’s your oyster.

Dash of colour

An all-white ensemble, stunning as it is, affords a touch of colour if you’re so inclined, and what better way to do so than with a lovely pair of earrings using rich, precious stones in gorgeous shades!

Hoola hoops

Hoops are a great choice for the laid-back gal who’s opting for a boho bridal look all around. Paired with loose waves and fresh make-up, it spells modern beauty in an instant.

Go Big

Brides who aren’t afraid to make a statement will love the idea of a bold pair of earrings to polish their look – these Naeem Khan earrings offer some serious style inspo!

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